The Klamath Works Story: Who We Are

Our name conveys our message—Klamath Works. Beginning in 2014, we met with government agencies, charities and religious ministries to find ways to address social problems in the Klamath Basin. We reached a powerful conclusion: The best welfare program for the needy is more jobs.

As a result, Sky Lakes Medical Center, government agencies, faith-based organizations, law enforcement and business partners have rallied around a common goal. Our mission is to help those in need return to self-sufficiency by preparing them for work.

Why? Because a job is the best weapon in combating poverty—not merely poverty of income but of health, of pride and of spirit. Research shows that a key to a satisfying life is not merely money, but “earned success”the feeling that one controls their own future and deserves the rewards they have attained. Individuals who are working are more involved with their families and communities and less likely to become involved with drugs or crime.

Work is good.

Klamath Works is committed to improving the social and economic quality of life in the Klamath Basin. At the heart of our efforts is the Klamath Works Job Program. Participants meet with job coaches to build individualized plans aimed at helping them find, keep and succeed in a job. They will gain the ability to care for their families and engage again with the community.

The Klamath Works Job Program isn’t a job placement service, though we do connect employers with willing and able employees. And we don’t simply teach practical job skills. We also teach the value of dependability, courage, integrity, reliability, persistence, and pride in work. These “soft skills” often make the difference between success and failure in the workplaceand in life. We value self-improvement and celebrate successes and failures as opportunities for growth.

The Klamath Works Job Program demands a true commitment from clients who come here to become independent, contributing members of the community. Participants work in teams with job coaches who challenge them mentally, morally and physically. Upon successful program completion, we help place graduates into jobs. We pair each participant with a mentor who walks and works with them as a friend. The mentor also communicates with the participant’s employer to ensure the participant successfully transitions into work and stays on track afterwards.

We want employers to see our participants as strong employee candidates. Our goal is to become the premiere organization in Oregon at returning the unemployed to work.

Work is good.

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