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Employer Partnerships

Local employers have found that, despite persistent unemployment in the area, they often cannot find willing and able employees for the jobs they have available. Klamath Works is offering area employers an opportunity to fix that problem, by working with us to build employee skills and match employees to jobs where they can perform effectively.
Every graduate of the Klamath Works program is certified job ready. That means each graduate has completed all the modules and has proven they are ready to responsibly work. Graduates have a certificate an the tools they need for a successful future. And each Klamath Works graduate heads into the work place with a mentor who walks and works with them as a friend. The mentor communicates with the graduate’s employer to ensure the graduate successfully transitions into work and stays on track afterwards.

We want employers to see our graduates as strong employee candidates. Our goal is to become the premiere organization in Oregon at returning the unemployed to work.

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